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Sunday 3pm - 6pm
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Hello! We are

BelongTo Sunday

Youth group for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trangender young people based in Dublin.

  • What's the Group Like

    Personal stories from young people about their experiences of coming to BeLonG To:


    I felt nervous on my first day and week at Belong to I didn't know any of the people there.

    But after I walked in it was really nice talking to people who are going through the same things as everyone else 

    And it made me feel really happy that I could talk to people there everyone is really nice and I love going to see them now every Sunday.

    What made me come to the BeLonG To Sunday group cause  when I was looking on the website I thought it sounded really good and this will be my Fifth Sunday going to Belong To Sunday group and I love it everyone is so funny and everyone make someone smile. :D 

    My 3 positive outcomes that I have taking from BeLonG To Sunday Group is that Everyone is so fun to be around,

    Everyone learns something new in Belong to every Sunday and Where like one be family we only see every Sunday and we all love each other :D . The best thing about being a member to BelonG To is that if anything is putting you down BeLonG To is always there for you.



    Hi I am Adam and I go to BeLonG To Sunday. I wanted to go to Belong To because I didn't know any other LGBT young people and thought I'd just try Belong To Sunday.  Before I started going to the group I was so afraid and didn't know that to expect. I was so excited but more nervous at first. I sat alone and everyone came up and talked to me and made me feel welcome, I thought it was all this stereotypical so I didn't think I would fit in and I also thought the young people would be all fashionable another reason I didn't think I would fit in but it was nothing like I expected. I go whenever I can now because the people there are just so nice and I made so many new friends. The most positive things I think are the workshops, really fun and are always interesting, no one is ever alone, even if your new someone will come up and talk to you and the youth-workers and young members are so bubbly and just put you in a happy mood. The best thing about being a member of Belong To is its just great and gives you something to do on a normal boring Sunday. 

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