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Youth group for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trangender young people based in Dublin.

  • One To One Support

    BeLonG To Youth Service provides professional one-to-one support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people. The service offers LGBT young people a safe and non judgemental space, where they can speak openly and honestly about Coming Out, the impact of Minority Stress, Internalised Homophobia, LGBT related Mental Health and Sexual Health issues. The Drugs Worker, Gerard Roe, offers one-one support around Substance/Alcohol Misuse Issues.



    The guidelines below have been put in place as the demand for One To One support exceeds the resources available. 

    What is the Timeline of One-One support offered to LGBT youths?

    • Each One-One support session should last no longer than 1hr per session and one session per week.
    • Staff treats each young person who access service as individuals, therefore time duration spent offering One-One support varies from 1-6 weeks.
    • On completion of first One-One session, staff and the young person should identify if there is a need to refer a young person to internal or external support services.
    • Only in exceptional circumstances should staff continue to offer One-One support while young person is accessing counselling or psycho therapy.

    What Support Services are offered in One-One support Service?


    • Coming Out support
    • ASSIST Suicide Prevention
    • Self Harm Supports
    • Substance Misuse Supports – Brief Interventions & Motivational Interviewing
    • Harm Reduction information
    • Sexual Health Information
    • Resilience Building
    • Active Listen
    • Family & Relationship Crisis supports
    • Homelessness supports
    • Confidential Service – In keeping with Child Protection Guidelines
    • Referrals to LGBT safe external services – Outreach support in accessing services

    Support Emails and Support Phone Calls


    • The services provided in the one-one sessions are also provided through support emails and support phone calls.
    • In the support emails and support calls it is stated that the staff member is not a counselor, but is only there to support and guide the young person.  
    • The number of support emails sent to an individual depends on how much support the individual needs.  
    • The support calls do not have a time limit, staff have to make sure that the individual is safe and that they are provided with support information or referral information if it is needed.

    Good Practice Follow Up Work


    • If staff identify a need for another one-one session with a young person, this session should be booked.
    • A check in should be completed with a young person if referred to by an external agency.
    • If requested, a young person should be supported in accessing an external service for the first time.
    • Staff advocating on behalf of a young person, should always follow up this work and report back to young person.

    Internal and External Referral Services


    • BeLonG To Group Supports
    • GMHS Sexual Health & Counselling service
    • Pieta House
    • BodyWhys
    • Dr. James Kelly
    • Rape Crisis Centre
    • St. James Street Hospitals Sexual Health Service
    • St. Patricks University Hospital
    • Spirasi & Integration Centre Asylum Seekers/Refugee’s.
    • Homeless Services
    • Substance Misuse Services
    • DAA & Open Heart House
    • Education Support Services

    Good Practice Staff Engagement in One-One Supports


    • Staff may request a debrief with Manager if topics discussed in one-to-one supports are overwhelming.
    • Staffs should unwind and reflect for 15mins after each one-one support session.
    • Staffs are obliged to keep written record of each one-one session.
    • Staffs should inform Manager when undertaking a one-one session.
    • Staffs will inform Manager of any Child Protection Issues arising in one-to-one sessions.
    • Staffs are to respect professional boundaries with young person at all times.

    Note for Parents

    Any parent who has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us on 01 670 6223 or email us on



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