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  • Superhero Network

    Because sometimes young people need a little bit of Superhero support!

    Help us wipe out homophobic & transphobic bullying in Irish schools!

    “For ten years we have been working to make Ireland a safe and equal place for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender young people. With our Stand Up! anti-bullying campaign we are chaging perceptions, expectations and prejudices. We have made huge progress. Please join our movement and help make history by eliminating homophobic & transphobic bullying from Irish schools and communities for good”,
    Michael Barron BeLonG To Founder & Exec. Director

    What is the Super Hero Network?

    The BeLonG To Super Hero Network is a gathering of committed extraordinary individuals who can use their powers of influence and means to fight off homophobic & transphobic bullying, ignorance and are dedicated to protecting the right of every Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) young person in Ireland to grow up safe and respected.

    The young people we work with every day are superheroes in their own way, fighting battles, stigma and rejection in many aspects of their lives. It takes six years (on average) to come out. Six years of feeling alone, confused, isolated and terrified. Six years being afraid to tell their parents, afraid to tell their friends, afraid in school, afraid they will be discovered and shunned.   And when they do come out, it can be a painful experience. These young people are bullied. Threatened. Rejected. Even thrown out of home. They aren’t superhuman. They are just human, and they hurt. 

    Superheroes have all sorts of extraordinary powers. But there is only one superpower the young LGBT people of Ireland need – the Power of your support.

    BeLonG To provides an empowering and safe community for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people, by building a society that supports, includes and celebrates them for who they are.

    "I think it is really important work. I think it saves lives, actually. But it is not just about saving lives, it is about improving the quality and the opportunities for young people."
    Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Children & Youth Affairs - (June 2013)

    Our Target Is €200,000

    • This will allow us to design, develop and distribute Stand Up! Materials that will transform the way young people think about and treat their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender classmates in their schools.
    • It will allow us to send them to every primary and secondary school in the country - 3000 primary schools, and 750 secondary schools and youth groups
    • It will allow us to train teachers around LGBT issues and how to prevent homophobic bullying in their classrooms
    • It will change the future for young people of this country, by eliminating homophobic bullying
    What will Your Donation Do?

    €1,000 - Will reach 25 schools 
    €2,500 - Will reach 60 schools 
    €5,000 - Will reach 120 schools 
    €10,000 - Will reach 240 schools 
    €15,000 - Will reach 360 schools 

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