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Supporting Parents

In BeLonG To we talk to parents regularly who have just been told by their son or daughter that they are Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender (LGBT).

  • Should I tell my other children?

    Many parents with other children frequently ask this question. Your child may have already ‘come out’ to a brother or sister before telling you, so ask your child if any of your other children already know. If they don’t, you should discuss with your child first whether or not to tell the others.

    When it comes to considering whether to tell younger children in the family, many parents feel they shouldn't tell them at an early age. It is perhaps worth considering that your LGBT child might have found it much easier if in his early years he was aware that not all people are heterosexual.

    With younger children you can approach the subject by talking about different kinds of love, without needing to be specific. Later on, when they are older, you should answer their questions as openly and honestly as possible.

    For parents with an LGBT child, informing others may not always be easy. Each time, however, will be an achievement to feel good about, even if the reaction is negative. Those who have been told will at least realise that ordinary families can have LGBT members too.

    Much depends on how comfortable you are at discussing sexuality with your children in general.


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