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Supporting Parents

In BeLonG To we talk to parents regularly who have just been told by their son or daughter that they are Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender (LGBT).

  • Where did I go wrong?

    It is normal to want to find someone or something to blame. You may ask yourself, “Did I not love them enough?”, “Did I love them too much?”, “Did their friends influence them?”, “Did they have a bad experience which made this happen?”, "Did an older person encourage them?”

    Most people know of their sexual orientation from a very young age. If you insist on thinking or believing that being LGBT is wrong, then you will always be searching for 'explanations'. Parents are not responsible for their children’s sexuality. Many people have searched for the reasons, and some have developed theories, but these remain no more than theories. No one knows the origins of sexual orientation, so don't blame yourself and don’t blame your child. It is no one’s fault, and your child, whatever their sexuality, is simply a human being with the feelings and needs to love and to be loved.

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