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    A young man usually experiences a range of responses to an unplanned pregnancy, depending on the nature of his relationship with the woman who has become pregnant. Often, if the relationship is not close, the man may not even be told of the pregnancy.

    Some young men, out of fear and anxiety about what the pregnancy may mean to them, do not want to be involved with the pregnancy at all.

    Many men, however, particularly those in committed relationships, naturally feel a sense of shared responsibility for an unplanned pregnancy and want very much to explore the situation mutually with their partner, whatever their own fears and anxieties. 

    In fact, they may be quite burdened by feelings of responsibility and often struggle to find the best way to support their partner and cope with their own feelings about the pregnancy. They frequently feel helpless and upset by the woman's emotional responses, as well as their own, which can be difficult to understand. Sometimes this leads men to try and solve or fix the situation quickly.

    We encourage any man who is involved in a crisis pregnancy situation to take the time to reflect on his own needs, feelings and responsibilities, as well as his partner's, and whenever possible to mutually explore all the available and appropriate options for handling the situation. If a man and his partner are able to undertake this exploration together, the risk of long-term emotional distress from the experience can be minimised.

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