• What is the National Development Programme

    Welcome to the National Network pages of BeLonG To Youth Services!

    The National Network was established by BeLonG To in 2007 and has a number of aims including;


    • The development of specific LGBT youth services, in partnership with Youth and LGBT Community organisations.
    • To work with mainstream Youth organisation to help ensure that services are inclusive of LGBT young people.
    • The facilitation of a national network of LGBT youth groups.
    • To conduct research into the lives and needs of LGBT youth.


    Within these pages you will find various information such as the history and rationale of the National Network of LGBT youth Groups, excerts from our 'Start up pack' and 'Accreditation scheme' as well as information on youth faciltation training and other initiatives undertaken by the network.

  • Rationale for the National Development Program

    When we opened our doors back in 2003 it quickly became apparent that many young people accessing the service were travelling considerable distances to avail of the various programmes and peer supports on offer.

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  • Map of Projects

    Below you will find a map of the national network of projects in Ireland. As well as Groups that are currently in development and proposed possible future developments.

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