• Drugs Service

    BeLonG To established its Drugs Service in late 2006 to support young LGBT people in relation to their drug and alcohol use.

    The service is available for young people who are concerned about their own drug and/ or alcohol use or have concerns about their friends or family. The service allows Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Young People to access support in a dedicated LGBT friendly space. The service is both free and confidential.

    What does the Drugs Service so exactly?

    • Supporting LGBT Young People with their issues in relation to drug and alcohol use in a non-judgmental and confidential way.
    • Outreach work to young LGBT drug users to make people aware that the service is there and where to find it.
    • Provision of education, information and prevention work with the young LGBT community to raise awareness around drug and alcohol use within the community.
    • Provision of information and training on LGBT issues for mainstream drugs services to support them in making their services safe and responsive to LGBT service users needs.
    • Referral of LGBT young people to specialized agencies and services to allow them to access safe and positive support.