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    Apply for a grant for your LGBT Youth Group under the 2015 Grant Round.

    Organisations already registered with BeLonG To Youth Services as a member of our National Network of LGBT Youth Groups are eligible to apply for grant funding under this grant round. 

    If you're organisation is not a member of the National Network, or you have not yet commenced the process of establishing an LGBT Youth Group but are interested in doing so please visit our guide to setting up an LGBT Youth Group in Ireland.

    NationalNetwork Grant

    Timeline:                   Closing Date for applications               16th May 2016

                                     Grants will be made by                        End June 2016 

                                     Progress Report due                           15th July 2016 (or as per contract) 

                                     Final Outcome Reports due                  20th January 2017

                    Note: These timelines are subject to change                     


    We have gladly been in a position to distribute a small amounts of funding to LGBT youth groups over the last number of years thanks to the generosity of the HSE’s National Office for Suicide Prevention. We are once again in a position to do this in 2016.

    We award grants to not-for-profit and voluntary LGBT youth groups across the country.  We are limited in what we are able to fund, with a minimum of 85% of each grant awarded going towards staff cost, and the remaining percentage being possible to go to other in/direct employment costs such as mobile, etc. 


    In recent years we have seen a great amount of change in Ireland in relation to the lives of the LGBT community. Last year we saw a gender recognition bill being passed through the Oireachtas and a positive outcome in the Marriage referendum. These, along with many other changes in Irish society have seen an increase in confidence amongst many LGBT young people to come out and be open about their identity. This has lead to a significant increase in service demand, particularly within groups already established within the Network of LGBT youth groups across the country.

    Despite this, new research indicates that there are still major obstacles in the way of LGBT young people. Issues related to poor mental health, suicide ideation, self harm, bullying and victimisation are still too regular an occurrence for young people in the community, and this fund is in place to ameliorate this situation, and pave the way to an Ireland where LGBT young people are fully confident in who they are.

    We recognise the important role that youth work has in creating a better Ireland for LGBT young people. The National Network Grant is being made available to support the core cost of having a youth worker/sessional worker to be in place to support LGBT young people within LGBT (and allies) specific youth groups.


    What will we fund?

    We will award grants to organisations that:


    • 1.       Will conduct work with LGBT young people which are aligned to their express needs as outlined in the recently published LGBTIreland report.
    • 2.       Target marginalised LGBT young people.
    • 3.       Engage with suicide prevention resource officer in their area.
    • 4.       Hold regular LGBT youth groups that focus on supporting their needs.
    • 5.       Are working towards the implementation of BeLonG To’s National Quality Standards in LGBT Youth Work.



    · Applicants must be prepared to track programme results throughout the duration of the project.


    Guidelines on submitting an application:

    1.       All applications must be submitted using the electronic form below. A downloadable PDF of the questions is provided for information purposes and to assist you in gathering all the documents and answers you will need to submit an application online.

    2.       Take note that the descriptive parts of the application have a maximum input of 250 words.

    3.       It is not possible to save your progress and return to completing your application online at a later date/ time.

    4.       All fields are required and you will be unable to submit your application or proceed to the next page until you have completed all questions in each section.

    5.       All applications must be received by the deadline of 6pm on the 16th of May 2016. Late applications (without prior notification and agreement from BeLonG To) will not be considered for funding under any circumstances.

    6.       Grants awarded typically range in value from €2,000 - €8,000, with an average of €4,000 being awarded to groups in previous years. Applicants should bear this in mind when submitting their application.

    7.       All grants are offered subject to acceptance of a Service Level Agreement (grant contract) which will outline the terms and conditions attached to the grant including, reporting on expenditure, reporting schedule, commitment to attain accreditation of the National Quality Standard in LGBT Youth Work, joint branding and marketing etc.

    8.       One application is allowed per organisation.

    9.       We will consider all requests fairly and will do utmost to take any exceptional need into account.

    10.   Applicants are asked to set the levels under each of the thematic areas of the National Quality Standard for LGBT Youth Work they hope to attain in 2016. Please keep expectations on attainment realistic. A copy of the relevant standards are available to download below in order to assist you in completing this section.


    Should you have any questions related to completing your application do not hesitate to contact John Duffy, on john@belongto.org or by phone on 01 681 4833 or 087 051 7539


    NOTE: Your application will be acknowledged. If you do not receive an acknowledgement e-mail within a day, please contact us.

    Additional Documents Required

    The following documents are required to be uploaded with your application (during the final step). 
    • Audited Accounts for the Completed Financial Year
    • Financial Plan for 2016 (an excel template for this can be downloaded below)
    • Current Tax Clearance Certificate

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