• Key Findings: 'Risks to Mental Health'

    Minority stress can result in mental health issues for some LGBT young people.

    • 27% had self-harmed and 85% of those had done so more than once
    • 40% of females and 20% of males had self-harmed
    • 18% had attempted suicide and 85% saw their first attempt as related to their LGBT identity
    • 24% of females and 15% of males attempted suicide at least once
    • Over a third of those aged 25years and under had thought seriously about ending their own lives
    • This indicated that a significant sub-group of LGBT young people in particular are at risk of suicidality
    "I've been suicidal many times... It's not because I'm a lesbian but because of how I've been treated in my life as a lesbian. School was terrible and then to get bullied badly in work was horrible" (Lesbian, Female 28)

    Source: Supporting LGBT Lives: A Study of Mental Health and Well-being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People (Mayock et al, 2009)