• How will my donation be spent?

    Many thanks for your interest in making a donation to BeLonG To, without your assistance and support it would be impossible for us to provide all of the services we do.

    At BeLonG To we are committed to ensuring that in everything we do we achieve value for money and that we prioritise spending to deliver services to those most in need.

    Your donation will be spent in support of all of the organisations work including but not limited to:


    • Support to the National Network of LGBT Youth Projects
    • The programme Costs associated with all of BeLonG To's programmes
    • The Salaries of front line and administrative staff
    • The core running costs of the organisation
    • Research and needs analysis of LGBT Young People
    • The production of posters, booklets, leaflets etc.
    • The running of various campaigns throughout the year including but not limited to Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week, IDAHO, Love Action etc.

    Over the last three years BeLonG To has undertaken to improve investment and spending on our programmes and reduce our spending on core running costs and salaries as a proportion of total spending. The table below will outline the approximate percentage spend in each of the three main spending areas over the last three years. Figures for 2009 are preliminary.