• What will everyone think?

    Fear is a natural reaction. Fear for your child, fear of what people will say, fear of the unknown, fear because things will change.

    You may also fear for their happiness, but remember that relationships are never easy for any of us, no matter what our sexuality. 

    You may fear what the neighbors will say, but consider who is the more important - your neighbours or your child? 

    You may fear what you do not understand, so educate yourself about the facts about being LGBT, rather than being misguided by common misinformation, myths, and prejudices. 

    You will never fully understand what it means to be LGBT, but you do not have to. Just try to be as supportive and as loving as you have always been to your child.

    Try not to reject your child, even if you initially feel dismayed, repulsed, or sad. Your child’s sexuality is as natural to them as your sexuality is to you. If you find this difficult to accept, try to understand that your child is an individual with the right to lead his own life. Perhaps you might consider seeking some support and information from an organisation such as Loving Our Out Kids (Tel No: 01 284 6996)