• Key Findings: 'School Experiences'

    School is a hugely formative place for LGBT young people. We are committed to making school a safer and better place for them. Here is some information from 'Supporting LGBT Lives' which we co-commissioned in 2009.


    • 58% reported homophobic bullying in their schools
    • Over 50% had been called abusive names related to their LGBT identity by fellow students
    • 40% were verbally threatened by school peers
    • 25% were physically threatened by school peers
    • 34% reported homophobic comments by teachers
    • 20% missed of skipped school because they felt threatened or were afraid of getting hurt at school because they were LGBT
    • 5% left school early because of homophobic bullying


    Source: Supporting LGBT Lives: A Study of Mental Health and Well-being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People (Mayock et al, 2009)