• Mental Health

    In response to the needs of LGBT young people accessing services, BeLonG To has been centrally involved in mental health policy developments.

    Very early on in our development it became clear that some LGBT young people who were members of BeLonG To were particularly vulnerable to mental ill-health, including depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation.

    In response to this and due to frustrations in locating adequate supports of LGBT young people, BeLonG To delivered a submission to the National Suicide Review Group.

    As a result of this as well as ongoing BeLonG To campaigning, LGBT young people were included as a designated ‘at risk’ group in ReachOut, the governments ten year strategy on suicide prevention.

    Two major developments occured from this inclusion:

    In 2006/2007 we worked with the HSE's National Office for Suicide Prevention to develop BeLonG To National Development Programme to bring much needed supports to LGBT young people around the country.

    In 2007/2008 we worked with GLEN, The Children's Reserach Centre TCD and the HSE's National Office for Suicide Prevention to produce Supporting LGBT Lives, the evidence from which has greatly informed many areas of work with LGBT young people in Ireland.

    Over this period BeLonG To has also presented, with GLEN, to the Oireachtas Subcommittee of the High Levels of Suicide in Irish Society, and has written submissions to this group.

    BeLonG To sits on a number of national committees and advisory groups related to mental health and is committed to working to create a society where LGBT young people are well and flourish in their lives.