• Strategic Plan 2009 - 2011

    The organisation undertook a major strategic and operational planning process between November 2007 and June 2008 which resulted in the production of a Strategic Plan, this plan sets out the strategic, operational and financial plans that will guide the organisation’s direction, objectives and activities over the next three years.

    These plans have developed within the context of the following:

    • Our consitituency: LGBT young people’s needs lie at the heart of our work. Our organisation provides a space where LGBT young people can experience inclusion, acceptance, social justice, fun and safety at a time in their lives when they need support. As individuals, young people are changing and developing throughout these years. This requires the work of our organisation to adjust constantly in order to meet the changing needs of LGBT young people. Our choices regarding the strategic direction of the organisation are rooted in our understanding of the constant influences and changes that can affect a young person, both personally and in the greater social environment, during these critical years in their lives. 
    • Our history: how we established ourselves, how our organisation developed and the progress since our foundation, have impacted our choices and our aspirations for the future plans of our organisation. 
    • Our role in the sector: BeLonG To is the only national dedicated LGBT youth service in Ireland. We are committed to leading in the areas of youth work, education and health for LGBT young people. This involves working in partnership with State agencies, semi-state services and NGO’s in order to maximise the development of an inclusive environment for LGBT young people.
    Our strategic plan was launched by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Barry Andrews in May 2009, you can read the Ministers Comment at the launch here.

    An overview of the key strategic aims of the organisation is available for download below which covers the main objectives of the organisation over the three year period from 2009 - 2011.