• What you’ve told us

    We have travelled the length and breadth of Ireland, speaking to young people and their families and asking them why marriage equality matters to them

    Why marriage equality matters to young people

    “I want to know that I am equal. At present, I know that I’m not – and that’s really hurtful”

    “I want homophobic bullying to stop. As long as we are unequal it will never stop”

    “Equality is good for everyone”

    “Marriage is a lasting commitment between two adults who love each other. Why wouldn’t you support it?”


    Why marriage equality matters to parents

    “I want both of my sons marry the person they love (one is gay and one is straight)”

    “All my children deserve to grow up in a country which cherishes all young people equally”

    “Our children should aspire to be able to grow up being themselves and their relationships should be valued and protected by law”