• Why Vote YES?

    This referendum is our opportunity as a people to tell LGBT young people that being gay is okay and that they are valued and cared for.

    1) Create a fairer and  more equal society in Ireland

    • All families and young people deserve to thrive 
    • Years ago, people of different faiths and races couldn’t get married - we need to be on the right side of history
    • Let’s live up to Ireland’s vision of cherishing all of our children equally

    2) Prove to young LGBT people they are equal


    • May 22nd marks a key moment for the protection and promotion of young people’s rights in Ireland, particularly LGBT young people
    • 50% of LGBT young people consider suicide owing to stigma and homophobic bullying – a YES vote will send a powerful message to them that they are valued and cared for. They really need to hear this!
    • Young people have told us that a ‘NO’ vote would be ‘devastating’ to them and prove they are secondary citizens in their own country
    • Marriage equality will normalise LGBT identity for parents and teachers and help make it a reality

    3) Strengthen Families 


    • YES on May 22nd will let parents know that being gay is ok and will allow them to respond positively if their children come out as gay.
    • Marriage Equality will allow gay family members to share in the same life milestones as their siblings and so strengthen their families.

    Vote YES and you can step forward into a bright future. Let’s make Ireland a more equal place for our LGBT friends.  Let’s rewrite the rules, so you can tell your children that you did this – you made history.  It’s time to give love that is equal an equal right. 

    It’s in your hands.  

    Read our booklet "Why a YES vote matters to young people"