• Register to Vote

    Deadline to register is May 5th 2015

    Over the last few weeks we have heard many stories of people discovering they have been removed from the voter register, even when they have voted previously! Please check the register to ensure you are able to cast your vote for equality on May 22nd.


    How To Register To Vote:


    1. Go to www.checktheregister.ie and see if you are alread on the register, if you're not on the register or you need to update your entry on the register proceed to step 2.
    2. Download & print the correct voter registration form for your circumstances (explained below) 
      1. RFA 2 - used when you're not on the register at all and you want to be entered onto the supplment register in advance of the marriage referendum.
      2. RFA 3 - used when you're on the register already and you need to update some details like your address.
    3. Go to your local Garda Station, you simply need to get the forms stamped at you local Garda Station. Don't forget to bring some ID with you!
    4. Get the form to your local authority. Lastly you need to get the form to the franchise section of your local authority, it is now too late to post the forms to arrive before the deadline!