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A social group for transgender young people and those questioning their gender identity.

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    Below you will find some of the stories of members of the group that they have chosen to share.


    I had met a number of Trans people in Ireland, and they had all been very welcoming and inclusive. However, the majority of them were quite a good bit older than me, and I really welcomed the opportunity to meet people who were closer to my own age and therefore seeing transition in a similar way to me.

    The fact that I was given a voice as a young trans person, and not just a trans person helped me to feel more included in the scene and also more able to help others.   Previously, I had felt quite alone and worried that I was too young to express my opinion with any gravity, but being in IndividualiTy helped me to realise that my voice may be different to others, but it is still an important one that needs to be heard.


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