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A social group for transgender young people and those questioning their gender identity.

  • What We Have Done

    To give you a taste of what we’ve been up to, and a peek into what is yet to come, here is some of the activities and talks we have carried out so far:

    Self-Portrait Photo Project (The perfect way to self  expression through the medium of Photography); 
    Dublin Ghost Walking Tour (A visit to all the areas that are home to the myths and legends of gouls, ghosts and goblins in and around the city centre of Dublin); 
    Media Swap (An opportunity to share all kinds of everything with others in the group); 
    Amusement Arcade Trip (An evening of dancing, car racing, air hockey, strength tests, shooting hoops, fighting crime and more, all in the safety of an arcade!); 
    The Ice-cream Think Tank (Coffee, ice-cream and a planning session for developing a flyer campaign); 
    Kick-Boxing (With participants from all the groups, learning self-defence, having fun and taking frustrations out on a punch-bag instead of a youth worker.); 
    Transitioning Young (Group led explorations of all things to do with being Trans and Young); 
     Q & A (A frank and upfront talk from a post aligned women, followed by questions and answers); 
    Christmas Dinner (No sprouts, no turkey, no pudding. Christmas dinner oriental style,)

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Parliament House, 13 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
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01 670 6223

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